Who’s On Your Team? 6 Key Players You Need For Success


For many agents and investors, the draw to buying and selling property is the ability to make your own schedule, be your own boss, and have more freedom and flexibility in the way you conduct business. But it’s not a job you can do on your own. Successful agents understand that building an experienced and professional team is the key to success. This means working with professionals across a wide range of industries to help you serve your clients better.

Here are the six people you need on your team to reach next level success: 


First-time buyers will look to you for referrals when it comes to inspection time, and having 2-3 professionals that you trust on hand can help speed up the process. If you’re looking to add an inspector to your list of contacts, there are a few qualities you should be looking for. An effective inspector will be:

  • An expert communicator
  • Consistent 
  • Timely 
  • Detail-oriented
  • Friendly
  • Experienced

Knowing who to call when it’s time for the inspection (and that you can trust them to work with integrity) is a vital step in building an effective team. 


Another key player to have in your network is a solicitor who specializes in the property industry. A solicitor will draft official documentation, review the title, and ensure property taxes are up to date. If you’re on the search for a reputable solicitor to help you and your clients navigate all of the details and documentation for a property sale, look for these key characteristics.

  • Expert drafting skills
  • Through understanding of property law
  • Meticulous
  • Detail-oriented
  • Effective client management

Mortgage Lenders

First-time homeowners will turn to their property agent for help when it comes to financing the purchase of a home. They may not know who to go to or what information they need to start the loan process. Their circumstances may make it difficult for them to be approved by a traditional lender. Having a list of mortgage lenders that you trust can not only increase your credibility with your clients but will also speed up the home buying process. Some qualities to look for in a mortgage lender include: 

  • Local area knowledge
  • Experience in the industry
  • Honest rates/fees
  • Local servicing
  • Efficient communication
  • Direct and organized 

General Contractors

Sometimes, the sale of a house is contingent on a list of repairs requested by the buyer. When you have a list of plumbers, electricians, landscape designers, architects, and general contractors handy, you can have issues repaired quickly and help the sale move along faster. 

Marketing Professionals

Another key player every top-performing agent has on their team is a marketing professional. While some agents like to do a significant amount of the marketing on their own, others choose to outsource all or some of the work to others. This could look like working closely with a professional property photographer, a blogger, a website designer, or a team that specializes in 3D virtual tours. Effective marketing is key in reaching success in the industry, and knowing the right people make all the difference. 

Insurance Agents

Insurance may not be the most glamorous part of buying property, but it’s arguably one of the most important. Homebuyers and sellers will have questions about property insurance, and if you don’t have the answers it is important to direct them to the people that do. Successful insurance agents are personable and knowledgeable problem solvers. Their expertise will help your clients protect themselves and their assets, which is a major concern when making such a big purchase. Seek out insurance agents that know the local area and are known for efficient claim management. 

The Takeaway

Most property agents have an entrepreneurial mindset and are excited about the opportunity to work for themselves. But working for yourself doesn’t mean working by yourself. When you surround yourself with experts across different industries, you can offer more comprehensive services to your clients.
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